Within the city of Montgomery and its environs, the intents and purposes of the Working Woman’s Home Association are:

  • To aid and assist distressed and abused women and children.
  • To aid in the education of women to the end that they may become self sufficient.
  • To aid and assist women in providing emergency housing.
  • To aid and assist elderly persons, particularly women, in meeting their basic needs.

Our History

Each January the Working Woman’s Home Association distributes grant monies to agencies whose projects aid women, children, and the elderly. The grants are received at the former home of the Working Woman’s Home Association, the Moulton House, now located in Landmarks’ Old Alabama Town Complex.

The Working Woman’s Home is the oldest continuing charity in Montgomery. In 1881 a group of 39 Montgomery women met to form and organize a home for Working Women and the Helpless. It was their intent to provide a home in which working women could obtain comfortable rooms and to aide them in finding the means to support themselves and their children and to care for them in sickness and to use every means to help them help themselves. From then until 1992 the Moulton House then located on the corner of Union and Adams was the center of a complex of cottages that housed women of little means and their children.

By 1992 government housing had become easily available and the old buildings were becoming more and more difficult to maintain, so the decision was made to sell the land, give the house to Landmarks, and use the funds to set up a foundation the earnings of which would be used to meet the needs of women and children that had concerned the founders in 1881.